• Minor Major


Based on providing all students in the university with diverse learning opportunities and pipelines, cultivating students basic knowledge of finance, the department is open to minor learning mechanism to provide entire school students who are interested in learning financial knowledge with participation in financial training study courses and implement the concept of holistic education of Tunghai University, providing diverse learning pipelines.

Application Procedures
This school’s students from various departments can apply from the second semester of the first year. Students who want to attend minor should fill in the “minor application form” in accordance with the date published by Curriculum Section. First send to the Head of original Department, Dean of College for approval, then send to the Head of this Department. After this Department aggregates, send to the Dean of College of Management and Dean of Academic Affairs for approval. And then begin to attend minor courses.


Regulations for Taking Course
1.Prerequisite: “Economics”, “Accounting” amount to three credit respectively. Scores are to be 60 points.

2.Minor student shall complete attending the 24-credit courses required by minor. Required courses attended in the original department and institute, can waive required courses in this minor, but they must attend other required courses in the department. It is predominantly based on completing attending 24 credits of this department.