• Finance Certificate Program


Finance Certificate Program
In 2004, the Department was eligible for grants from Executive Yuan Council of Labor Affairs Vocational Training Bureau to tackle an employment program plan. We cordially invite industry related personnel in specialized fields to teach relevant courses by way of lecture and offer off-campus internship visit opportunities to make students gain more practice learning and interactive experience, to become familiar with the workplace environment and establish career planning and preparation in advance. The program combines with “basic finance knowledge course”, “industry practice curriculum and lectures”, “workplace experience” and “career-related education” as the main orientation, courses designed for integration of specific functions.

Financial knowledge specialty courses:
The program curriculum has the overall planning. The program, for people interested in becoming practitioners managing money matters or finance-related practitioners, designs related license training courses. Regard the initial order of related financial license processed by Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance as an introductory course design to provide the basic concepts of professional knowledge and ability. And it is hoped that after the end of course, students will be encouraged to obtain licenses, so that students add “licenses” with them.

Industry practice course and lecture course:
We cordially invite a number of professionals in industry practice for the relevant course topics to do in-depth presentation and practical experience sharing, as a complement to nurture financial workplace theory and practice concept. Program likewise advances to offer high-end and financial planning curriculum. The industry faculty group from Finance Research Training Center in this university teaches practice experience, deepening students’ professional financial knowledge and ability. At the same time the curriculum introduces “Financial Information Laboratory” information management implementation teaching, strengthening the students to experience real financial investment market side.

Career related educational activities:
Program organizes “financial workplace ethics and practitioners morality”, “financial practitioners employment norms” and “financial industry development prospects and career planning” and other career education, strengthens the awareness of related jobs environment, holds several finance and investment and financial celebrity forum, and expands students’ macro-perspective In addition, counseling students to be able to successfully obtain employment as soon as they graduate, we match with employment counseling office of this school to organize “career interest inventory testing and counseling seminar”, “resume autobiography writing training”, “interviews and job-seeking oral quiz skills” and many other workplace seminars, promote the ability to enter the job market.Throughout the learning program plan students are required to participate in 15 hours of career-related education courses of the Department (including the selection of five workplace seminars); meanwhile, do regular follow-up counseling to help students successfully get employed to reduce friction unemployment.

Workplace experience planning:
After the end of the specialized courses, arrange students to visit related financial business in practices. Lead students of elective courses and business to further exchange between academia and industry, so students in this course actually realize the work processes related to financial practitioners and efforts at future direction that related practitioners wishing to engage in.Trainingstudents to accomplish going through the program plan and complete their study standards can be arranged to the vendors signing cooperation, last two weeks (cumulative 80 hours) of the workplace internship experience.