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About Our Department 
The Department of Finance at Tunghai University was established in 1999. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. In 2008, we started our own EMBA program for market professionals and managers who aim to advance their career through high-quality curriculum and industrial aspects. Facing the rising demand for professional finance certificateds from the industries, we established Center for the Research of Banking and Finance (CRBF) under the chartered authroization of Financial Planner Association of Taiwan in 2004. Our CRBF provides license authentication process, training design, and a wide range of seminars. 

Being a designated training institute in central Taiwan, we create multiple learning channels, consolidate financial resources, and promote the value blending academics and empirical practices. Our department is now proactively engaged in a wide variety of academic activities and empirical collaborative affairs. We actively strive for being a key finance departement, educator, and research center in Taiwan.

Education Goals of Department & Institute

  • Build professionalism attainment and multiple learning capacity.
  • Nurture financial talents well versed in the theory and practice.
  • Train decision analysis ability of financial information.
  • Nurture talents with international vision and the ability of language.


Students Core Competencies

  • Have specialized knowledge of the financial sector.
  • Have the ability to explore the workplace and career planning.
  • Have the ability to master and analyze financial information.
  • Have the ability to use the financial quantity methods.
  • Have the ability to master the global financial industry development trends.
  • Have the ability to apply & communicate with the foreign languages

Features of Department & Institute

Excellent Teachers
Teachers are from all over Britain, the United States, Japan and Taiwan; they are all Dr. in field of finance.

Special Topic Lecture
Regularly invite extramural academia and practice circle professionals to reach the university to deliver speech, to promote academic and practice exchange.

Research Facilities
The Department has complete finance data base and software and provides adequate teaching and research equipment.

License Test
Positively coach international and domestic training for license. Students from this Department can preferentially participate in this training, obtain a license.

Employment Opportunities
The institute and enterprises have established a good relationship and provide internships and enterprises visit activities to help enhance student employment opportunities in the future.

International exchange
Regularly hold cross-strait and British, American study camp, and encourage students to actively participate in international student exchange program.