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戴秀豪  S10440602 / 財金三A / 來自印度尼西亞

Hello everyone, my name is Marcell (戴秀豪). I am a third-year student majoring in finance at Tunghai University. For me, the city of Taichung, especially Tunghai University, has become my second home. And I can proudly say to everyone that I have made the right decision to study Finance at Tunghai University. What are the benefits of studying in Taiwan, especially at Tunghai University?  First of all, like any other international student studying abroad, I have learned to live independently. Taiwan allows foreign students to work part-time. Thanks to the Tunghai University labor office, after one year of being a member of the labor team, I am now trusted to be the leader of the labor team for international students. And, thanks also to the Tunghai OIR department for trusting and giving me a job as a calculus and financial management tutor. 

The next benefit is Taichung itself. Taichung is the best and most comfortable city for students.  Taichung has beautiful mountains and beaches, while at the same time being the second-largest city in Taiwan. Transportation in Taichung is also convenient. Taichung city buses connect almost all parts of Taichung and are free of charge with certain limitations for students. The cost of living around Tunghai University is also very affordable. Tunghai University also has the Tunghai Night Market nearby, making it very convenient for us to buy food and daily necessities.

The last thing I am most grateful for is studying at Tunghai University itself. Tunghai University highly values student achievements. Many scholarships are given to outstanding students. In addition, the campus is very large. Beautiful nature and artistic buildings make Tunghai one of the tourist sites in Taichung. There are many activities and organizations that we can participate in.  Many activities have I participated in, one of which is the gala dinner held by OIR for international students. I have also attended dinner invitations from the labor office and one of the lawyer professors at Tunghai. Tunghai also has a Christmas celebration held at the Luce Chapel! I am very lucky to be able to attend that event.

Specifically, I am also very happy to study Finance at this university. The courses are taught by great professors who are graduates of prestigious schools, both in Taiwan and in Europe/US. The teaching methods are also very diverse with various assessments, such as writing reports, making paper, projects, class presentations, written exams, and much more. I have gained a lot of knowledge, not only theoretical but also practical applications. And most importantly, I have the opportunity to challenge myself to learn in class using Mandarin. This way, my Mandarin language skills can improve quickly.









丁慧妮  S10440605 / 財金三A / 來自印度尼西亞

My name is Dini Anggreini, and my Chinese name is 丁慧妮. I come from Indonesia, and I chose to pursue my education at Tunghai University in Taiwan, majoring in Finance. I made this decision because I believe Taiwan offers excellent opportunities for international study, being a fascinating and multicultural country with much to offer. Tunghai University stood out to me as one of Taiwan's best and most renowned private universities, known for its extensive scholarship opportunities for international students. I feel fortunate and proud to be studying finance here, as I have encountered invaluable learning experiences. The professors are extremely supportive and approachable, and some finance courses are conducted in English, alleviating language concerns.

As an international student, I actively participate in various annual events organized by the International Relations Department. These include dance performances during Tunghai International Week and the Gala Dinner event, where I was recognized for outstanding contributions in 2022. Additionally, I have served as an organizer for the Thuisa Cup, representing the Tunghai University Indonesian Student Association. Furthermore, I have been engaged as an online bilingual tutor for Taiwanese primary students, a role I have been fulfilling for the past three years. This experience has been enriching for me, allowing me to simultaneously improve my Chinese language skills. The photo attached was taken during the Bilingual Digital Study Buddy Program Workshop event at Tunghai. In 2023, I participated in a data-driven innovation application workshop conducted by Dingxin Computer Co., Ltd. In this workshop, I will be able to complete the Data-Driven innovation application, such as the PaaS platform for online and offline workshop courses. This was an unforgettable experience for me.

Being an international student at Tunghai has provided me with invaluable opportunities not only for academic growth but also for the development of social skills and the establishment of friendships with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, which will be beneficial for my future endeavors.


我的名字是Dini Anggreini,我的中文名字是丁慧妮。我來自印度尼西亞,我選擇在臺灣東海大學就讀,主修財務金融。我做出這個決定,因為我相信臺灣提供了優秀的國際學習機會,是一個迷人且多元文化的國家。東海大學是臺灣最好且最著名的私立大學之一,以其豐富的獎學金機會而聞名於世。我感到幸運並自豪能在這裡讀財金系,因為我遇到了寶貴的學習經驗。教授們非常支持和平易近人,而且一些財金的課程是用英語教授的,減輕了語言上的擔憂。

作為一名國際學生,我積極參與國際關係部門組織的各種年度活動。這些活動包括在東海國際週和春節聯歡活動期間的舞蹈表演,我在2022年因出色貢獻而獲得了感謝狀。此外,我還擔任了Thuisa Cup的組織者,代表東海大學印尼學生會。此外,我還擔任台灣小學生的線上雙語數位學伴家教,這是我過去三年一直在擔任的角色。這個經驗對我來說是豐富的,讓我同時提高了中文水平。附上的照片是在東海舉辦的雙語數位學伴計劃工作坊活動期間拍攝的。在2023年,我還參加了由鼎新電腦股份有限公司舉辦的以數據驅動創新應用大費 工作坊。在這個工作坊中,我將能夠完成數據驅動的創新應用,比如用於線上和線下工作坊課程的PaaS平台。這對我來說是一次難忘的經歷。作為一名國際學生,在東海的經歷不僅為我提供了寶貴的學術成長機會,還促進了社交技能的發展,建立了與來自不同文化背景的同儕的友誼,我相信這將對我的未來事業有益。