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Develop ability of commercial English with global view to consolidate students' professional strength on financial English and increase competitiveness of future employment or advanced sturdy.

Physical Measure:

We focus on general English ability and habit development for freshman, while we open "Commercial English" and "Professional Finance English" courses aiming at business and finance fields respectively for three credits each in sophomore for the goal to develop students' habit of reading to TIME, FORTUNE and The Economist such professional finance English periodicals.

Set English ability learning threshold, plan course design setting English ability as study threshold, encourage students to take English certificate exam and physically evaluate learning effect.

Focusing on training for ability of financial information software and application analysis, stressing the use of finance database, applying financial statistics and flexibly employing market technology analytic tools. Our short-term goal is to establish digital financial simulation lab to link with real time network information of Taiwan Security Exchange Institute synchronously, expand hardware and software equipment scale in financial information lab.

Physical Measures:

The course arrangement emphasizes on the ability development of students to mathematics, statistics and financial information software application, which not only allows students to adapt current trend of development, but also found a good base for advance study in the future.

Aiming at students' interesting and orientation to plan their future goal as soon as possible, we advise students to prepare for studying in graduate school, work employment or advance study overseas in the future commencing on junior.

Physical Measure:

1.Combining teaching and employment demand, integrating curriculum planning and certificate examination, reinforcing student counseling to obtain professional certificates, asking for at least 5 professional certificates before graduation and counseling for further obtaining international executive finance certificate (CFP and CFA) as target.
2.Integrating the resources of executive certification class in financial research and training center under management college of this university, encouraging students to attend CFP, CFA, security analyst, actuary such executive finance certification exams that point out the outstanding financial professional strength of graduates from this departments.

Advance Study Planning
Department of Finance holds professional theory and practical seminar activities and gradually increase numbers and scale every year.

There are three types as following:

1.Hold related lecture, provide information and suggestions to register for graduate school examination, and invite superior graduates to share experiences on preparing examinations and assist students to organize study group for graduate school.
2.Arrange graduate school students to serve as teaching assistants of "Economics", "Statistics" and"Financial Management", which not only refer to activities of study group but also provide solutions of lessons and advise weekly. 3.Open "Economics", "Application Statistics" and " Financial Management" such topic related courses to help review the content of graduate school examination.