Instruction Manual for Course Registration for the 1st Semester of Academic Year 2022

Useful Tips  

  • System not available during maintaining time, 05:00-07:00 a.m.
  • Please list your intended courses and prioritize them EACH time at different pre-registration stages because random numbering will erase the preference list of your previous trial.
  • Check your “pre-registered course schedule” in the student system before pre-registering courses online. Unless otherwise stipulated, your pre-registered course schedule should have shown your compulsory and required courses, which require no registration. However, if you do not intend to take any of those existing courses, you may drop them.
  • Check the result of pre-registered courses in Schedule for Pre-registered Courses; the 1st and 2nd stage Online Course Registration result will show in your Weekly Course Schedule. Please make sure you check your email often for confirmation.
  • According to the regulation of Ministry of Education, the credits for each semester must be above 18 and all final exams must take place in the last week except for courses where participants are all graduating students of the current year, under which circumstance, final exams will fall in the Graduation Exam Week (usually the 14th week).

《Checking Course Information》
For information of all the courses campus-wide and number of students on the waiting list for each specific course so as to decide/predict your chance of getting in. 
《Detailed Description for Each Course》